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At Aljazira Capital, we provide our customers distinct brokerage services in multiple markets locally, regionally and internationally, The interest in this aspect comes from the desire to communicate with our clients through a network of investment centers located in various parts of the Kingdom, which include convenient trading halls characterized by privacy, and incorporating the latest equipment and screens to provide the client with market information. In addition, customers will have the ability to trade online and through phone with the help of a group of highly experienced brokers.

Local Brokerage

Aljazira Capital has succeeded in providing unparalleled stock trading services in the Saudi market, through an advanced electronic trading platform, equipped with the latest technology and tools, where customers can trade stocks by selling or buying in a convenient manner through any of our high end investment centers distributed across the Kingdom. All our Investment Centers are well-equipped with sophisticated trading halls and large plasma screens. Clients also can trade independently online , through their mobiles, or by calling our trading desk wherever they are.

Trading With Islamic Bonds

Islamic Sukuk are considered a major funding vehicle used by governments and Institutions to cover their financial needs on medium and long terms. As for the investors, it is considered as an investment tool of defined returns and low risks. It also provides annual or semi-annual returns.

Since the introduction of sukuk trading service, Aljazira Capital was among the first companies that provided the opportunity to customers to trade in sukuk easily. A qualified team of experts within Brokerage Division ensures to provide the highest service to our customers, and process their orders and inquiries.

Nomu - Parallel Market

Saudi Stock Exchange “Tadawul” has launched Nomu – Parallel Market in February 26, 2017. Nomu is considered as a parallel equity market with easy listing requirements . It also serves as an alternative platform for small companies that would like to go public. The investment in this market is restricted to Qualified Investors. Nomu is considered as an additional source of funding for issuers to access capital, and it aims to increased diversification and deepening the capital market.

For more information about Nomu - Parallel Market, and customer qualification process please click here