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Aljazira capital has a longstanding commitment to execution excellence for clients. In the area of institutional brokerage, for example, we are consistently one of the top-ranked executing broker . Our capabilities include traditional, algorithmic and program trading approaches as well as commission management services.

Our professional institutional trading desk teams serve as the conduit between investors and our organization. through our sales traders, we actively monitor capital, identify trends ,evaluate news and provide our clients with quality research that helps maximize the return in their portfolios. Furthermore, the institutional trading desk offers DMA access and real time insight to assist them in shaping their executions strategies and helping them in receiving best execution results. Our institutional desk offer executions for QFIs, swap, equity funds, insurance companies and local/internationals introducing brokers.

Swap Agreements

With its continuous quest in providing best services to its customers, and being a pioneer company in the Saudi brokerage field, Aljazira Capital Company’s brokerage department is offering swap agreement services which aims at providing an investment opportunity to the non-Saudi foreign investor to invest in the Saudi stock market.

The swap agreement is a type of financial derivatives in which two parties agree to exchange the cash flow of specific assets during a specific period of time. The swap agreement aims at transferring economic benefits to the Saudi company’s shares that are included in the Saudi stock exchange. Here, the foreign investor pays the amount of investment to Aljazira Capital which in turn buys the shares specified in the agreement. Then, Aljazira Capital sells the shares upon the request of the investor or at the end of the specified period, and returns the obtained amounts after adding the profit or deducting the loss. One of its advantages is that there is no tax on the capital profit, and a reduced tax on cash distribution.

Qualify foreign Investors

AlJazira capital is ready to qualify foreign Investors to the Saudi Stock Market (Tadawul), and provide a superior brokerage services through multiple execution channels such as:

  1. dedicated professional brokers
  2. DMA online trading platform (Tadawulcom)
  3. ATR (Autx Trade Route)
  4. Bloomberg EMSX

We provide innovative and high quality services and products to our clients, maximizing their benefits and transforming their dealings with AlJazira Capital into a pleasant experience. Our main objective is to provide comprehensive investment solutions to our clients to ensure their satisfaction, thus adding additional competitive advantage to our leading market position.